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Cursed Arrows - Wild Eyes (Stampeders - Classic Covers Project) (by thecursedarrows)

The first installment in our extensive classic covers series* is Wild Eyes, a 1972 game-changing classic rock track by The Stampeders.   
Formed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada  (Jack E’s hometown and birthplace) in 1964, the group toured endlessly, endured many lineup changes, moved to Toronto, found success on major US labels and charts, notably when the oft-referenced track “Sweet City Woman” hit Billboard hard in ‘71, followed by appearances on the likes of the legendary Whisky-A-Go-Go in L.A, a forged friendship with good old Wolfman Jack, an appearance on The Dating Game, and a performance at Keith Moon’s 26th birthday party…   
Wild Eyes was a markedly heavier track for the Stampeders and one that won them a new subset of fans.  Our own beloved and respected fan Larry Vettor saw fit to request that we cover this song, knowing it would hit a nerve with us, and we proudly dedicate our version of the song - and video - to him.    
The video features us performing the song live in our Southern Ontario studio space under the watchful eyes of various creatures… or was it all just a bizarre Canadian rock’n’roll dream?
Thank you Larry Vettor for helping to fund our musical exploits, producing such exceptionally kind and talented offspring, and demonstrating to us that we might have more in common with The Stampeders than Calgarian roots and a singing drummer!   
Thank you Stampeders for the time-tested classic song.  
Check out their original version here:
*Cursed Arrows are a proto-punk-rock duo from Canada.  Our Classic Covers Project was initiated during the making of our 2013 full-length original album, SONIC UNION.  All songs were performed and recorded by us, specifically by fan request, and remain unreleased outside of Youtube.  All videos were shot and edited by Cursed Arrows.  
© 2013 Aluminum Monster Productions

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We are here to provide a voice for those whose poverty, illness, or fear prevents them from speaking for themselves. The art we create is not ours. It is the collective voice of humanity funnelled through the minds of two beings. Love is a big part of what we do - if not all of it. We seek and travel and live and learn in pursuit of that greatest of all truths:


—Jack E via Sonic Union press release

In the spring of 2003 I heard Ryan’s first solo record. I was floored by the sincerity of this guy I had seen dancing and screaming maniacally with his Telecaster onstage alongside his three energetic bandmates.
“THIS GUY IS FOR REAL,” I thought. “I like him. I love him.”

Ryan and I met in June 2003 when I attended a punk show his band was scheduled to play. On the steps of a Masonic Temple in Mississauga during a heat wave, we spoke for the first time. It was love, immediately, simply. We both glistened in the heat as I watched him play his set that night. Three months later, we moved in together.

—Jack E via Sonic Union press release